Student Evaluations

What My Students Are Saying

“Krista Sarraf is the best Professor I have had at Seton Hill thus far. She was very engaged and provided multiple home made video resources to encourage us in our weak areas of writing. It is apparent that she cares about student learning and development. I was very impressed by her timely response and engagement throughout the course. I hope all my future Professors are as passionate as her,” (Online Course).

“She seemed very interested in what her students had to say.”

“Very interested in students and their learning process. Gets to know students and gives feedback as much as possible to improve our writing.”

“Professor Sarraf provides us with assignments that will actually help us in real life situations.”

“Sarraf helped me to become a better writer. I know I’m going to need these skills.”

“The course has been fulfilling and has provided good experience and tools that will further develop my writing efforts in both collegiate and professional work.” (Online Course).

“The way she teaches connects reality with the lesson.”

“I’ve learned something through each activity and assignment.”

“Good pace, topics I will use the rest of college.”

“A great course that has helped me in my writing.”

“Professor Sarraf’s video and audio feedback are commendable, as they are an extra effort that allows the otherwise remote online student to feel more engaged with the instructor on a personal level.” (Online Course).

“She gives me a lot of feedback on my work and helps me really well on the stuff I’m struggling on.”

“Professor Sarraf always gave excellent feedback on assignments. It helped a lot moving forward in the class toward future assignments.”

“Instructor carries extremely positive energy.”

“I loved her overall passion for teaching. She cared for everyone equally.”

“She is very passionate about teaching, and she would do anything for us to succeed and understand material.”

“Her enthusiasm and ability to connect with students made this my favorite class.”

“I appreciate her ability to reformat the course as it goes to work the best for her students.” (Online Course).

“I like how Professor Sarraf is interested in the class she’s teaching. That energy can easily be reflected onto the students.”

“She is involved in the students’ writing processes.”

“Professor Sarraf assisted in time management by offering suggested timelines for completing steps in larger assignments.”

“I applaud Professor Sarraf for the choices in video links that explain some more mundane and confusing topics in fun and informative ways.” (Online Course).

“I enjoy the weekly update video and the positive motivation.” (Online Course).

“I love how she teaches. She makes everything understandable.”

“The first assignment emailing with another student in Lebanon was great.”

“Professor Sarraf was very helpful when asked questions. She always made sure that the class understood the assignment, explained things clearly, and graded fairly.”

“The instructor has done a great job at teaching and leading us students thus far in the semester. She is very good at uploading assignments to D2L and letting us know exactly when assignment are due. She also gives great feedback in a good amount of time.”

“I really liked the grading contract.”

“The four major assignments enhanced my writing skills each time.”

“She is always available to give advice.”

“She made the learning fun and interesting which made it easier to learn.”

“We are a very quiet class, so it may seem hard to get us to speak up and engage. Yet, you never fail to end up engaging us in the class. I also like how we can follow along with the slides you post in class. It helps to have the material.”


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